Flex Frame

Reduce Costs, Reduce Storage, and Minimize Setup.


Beam On Technology’s FlexFrame adaptor is ideal for use with short run assemblies. It offers value and ease of use without compromising stencil performance and quality

We have retroffitted LPKF Zelflex frames to accommodate standard stencil printers that utilize 29” x 29” square tubular frames. The FlexFrame exerts uniform pressure on all four sides assuring optimum paste release matching the results of conventional framed stencils.

In fact, Beam On Technology utilizes modified versions similar to this for our laser cutting process to ensure perfect image alignment and constant tension.

With the FlexFrame, stencil storage is no longer an issue. The loose foils can be stored in file drawers or art bins. Beam On can help implement a storage scheme to fit your needs.

Contact us for a demonstration: sales@beamon.com or call us (408) 982-0161 ext 31


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