PrintPart System

Print paste directly on part interconnects!


Our PrintPart system works with most automated rework systems Invented to save you both time and money, It's no wonder that it's the most popular print part system in use! The anodized frames and hardware are fully reusable. For diffenent parts we provide modular foil sets and drop in aluminum nest.

Key Components

Created at the request of Intel Corporation, PrintPart is used to print solderpaste directly on part interconnects, whether they are BGA spheres or QFN I/O's and thermal pads.

The anodized frames and hardware are fully reusable. For different parts we provide modular foil sets saving your money!

Designed for use with SRT rework systems, it can also be adapted to AirVac and others. We also sell a smaller version for use with OK / Metcal systems.

thumb-1 Complete set including Spring cover and Base frame
thumb-1 Replacement Set

Data Requirements

  • Component data-sheet including part dimension, ball pitch, ball count, component thickness.
  • Gerber data is required for complex array patterns and components having multiple pitches.
  • Please specify the sphere diameter you will be using or else we will follow the data-sheet specification.

Print on interconnects





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