UV cured nanocoating -nanoBLUE

Our nano coating is a Solution Derived Nanocomposite® that is cured under a controlled UV process which forms a permanent bond to the stencil surface.


We use Fine Grain stainless steel which has been proven to be the best stencil material for paste transfer efficiency. The stencils are then cut using the most advanced laser systems from LPKF Germany, the G6080.

After laser cutting the stencil, it is electropolished in our facility using a dedicated EP system developed specifically for stencils. The foils are then pre-cleaned in a detergent wash which is followed by surface pre-treatment using cold atmospheric plasma to enhance adhesion to nanocomposite coating.

Unlike conventional air atomized spray application which has been found to be ineffective, NanoBlue is deposited using ultrasonic atomization in a controlled environment. This assures uniform coating of the PCB side of the stencil, especially the aperture side walls which is of utmost importance.

NanoBlue has been tested with stencil cleaning detergents from Nano Stencil, Zestron and Kyzen, and has been proven to effectively withstand multiple wash cycles when used with their recommended procedures.

NanoBlue is your best answer to provide both unmatched paste release and sustained print performance.

For more details call Jeff Ando at (408) 422-4379 or

Jurry Soloth at (408) 422-4398 x17.

In a print comparison using FG stencil material, a stencil treated with NanoBlue prints with a transfer efficiency of at least 85% on aperture area ratio of only 0.45 !

thumb-1Paste print using an uncoated stencil
thumb-1Paste print after NanoBlue coating

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