Frameless Stencils

Economical. Space Saving.


Frameless stencils are loose foil and not mounted on rigid frames. These stencils have the advantage of being both economical and space saving. Ideal for use in NPI (New Product Introduction) builds, they are unbeatable for limited production runs when cost is a driving factor.

Frameless or foil only type of stencils are divided into two basic types. Patterned border and basic outline border.

Patterned border stencils are foil only stencils which have a specific hole pattern around the perimiter that allows it to be used with a corresponding foil tensioning system. This allows the foil to be mechanically stretched so that it can be used in automatic screenprinters. It should be noted however that while some of these systems, especially those that stretch on all 4 sides, can pull to impressive tensions, they cannot match a fully mounted stencil.

Beam On Technology offers frameless stencils cut with two of the most common border patterns the LPKF Zelflex(TM) and the “Universal” pattern (see below for specifications). Both patterns have rounded corners to prevent operator injury. For those interested in purchasing a LPKF Zelflex system, please contact LPKF directly at For automatic Screenprinters which use 29'X29" frames, Beam On offers the "FlexFrame" adaptor with improved foil loading and increased tension

Basic outline border stencils are loose foils cut with rounded corners and no special perimeter patterns for use in hand printing. They are used for assemblies with only a few boards, oversized PCB’s, or when an automatic screenprinter or tensioning frame system is unavailable. Just specify the size of foil you would like and we will center the openings within that size.


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