Mini Stencils

Localized Rework in Tight Spaces


Our most popular rework product. Custom made to order. Around for decades,ministencils remain the most used rework tool for localized component rework. Designed to print uniform paste in tight areas, It is both economical and easy to use.

We offer three different types of Mini Stencils for your needs. All mini stencils come with matching squeegee blades.

thumb-1Type 1 Block + Post
thumb-1Type 2 Fold Up
thumb-1Type 3 Flat Foil

Data Requirement

  • Gerber data comprising of soldermask, silkscreen, and paste layers are preferred since they will show the surrounding clearance area needed. Please indicate the CRD (Reference Designator) of the part for which the ministencil is being ordered.
  • Component data sheet is acceptable, but part clearance (keepaway) will be unknown, so a 0.100" clearance of opening to edge of foil will be used. Additionally, PTH (Thru-hole Parts) will not be cleared for.
  • To maintain flatness, it is recommended that ministencil opening diameter not exceed 70% of the ball pitch. (i.e. 70% of 1mm is .028" so do not exceed this size or excessive foil warpage may occur)

Type 1 Mini Stencil


Technical knowledge, Sensibly Applied

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